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The Tristate Toughguy & Toughgirl Series  Crowns the Best K-12 Wrestlers in FL, GA, and AL!

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Watch this Short Video for a Series Overview

Scroll down to learn all the details of the series. Or, click a button below to jump right to a specific section you wanna learn more about.


Schedule of Events


Lincoln HS

Tallahassee, FL


North Bay Haven HS

Panama City, FL


Thomas Cty. Central HS

Thomasville, GA


Clay HS

Jacksonville, FL



Troy University

Troy, AL


October 7, 2023

Blackshear 1st Baptist

Blackshear, GA

October 7, 2023

Wewahitchka HS

Wewahitchka, FL


October 14, 2023

Liberty HS

Bristol, FL

October 21, 2023

Valwood HS

Valdosta, GA

October 28, 2023

Location TBD

Jacksonville, FL


November 4, 2023

Florida High School

Tallahassee, FL


Map of All 11 Events

2023 Fall Series Qualifying

Qualifying for the Tristate Championships on November 4th

The qualifying process is simple. Attend 2 of the 10 qualifiers, and you're eligible to register for the Finale in Tallahassee, FL on November 4th. 

The awards throughout the series and at the finale are all custom made, and worth fighting for. Check them all out below.

Please note that we will cross reference all Finale registrants and remove those not qualified.


2023 Fall Series Awards

Champ Final Medal - Girls_edited.png
Champ Final Medal - Boys_edited.png

Custom Medals at Each of the 10 Series Qualifiers

Runner Up Final Medal - BoysPNG_edited.png
Runner Up Final Medal - Girls_edited.png
3rd Place Final Medal - Boys_edited.png
3rd Place Final Medal - Girls_edited.png

We spared no expense in making sure all medalists have something cool to hang on the wall. Each qualifier features a 2.5 inch medal, shown here. Custom neck ribbons matching each host's team colors will accompany the hardware!

Win 4 Gold Medals, compete for the Brutal Brawler Belt at the Finale (details below).

Become a Traveling Toughguy or Toughgirl

Attend 6 qualifiers AND the finale to get your hands on a Traveling Toughguy or Toughgirl Award!

In wrestling, mat time equals growth. We recognize that kids get better at wrestling simply by towing the line. Rewarding that is how we grow the sport.

The Brutal Brawler Belt

Do you have what it takes to bring home the Brutal Brawler Belt and walk away the Ultimate Series Champion?

Reserved for the best of the best, the belts go home with wrestlers who win Gold at 4 Series Qualifiers AND win the Tristate Championship in November.

Many have tried, few have succeeded. Who's next?

Final Boys Singlet Proof_edited.png
Final Girls Singlet_edited.png

Tristate Champions Get Custom Singlets!

We don't wrestle for the awards, but they don't hurt. Forget medals! If the title of Baddest in the Tristate isn't enough, how about a custom singlet to let all your opponents know you were the Series Champ?!

55 boys and 37 girls will walk away with a singlet from the Final Event in Tallahassee.

Top Hammer Award

Who are the best pinners? The 10 wrestlers (5 boys, 5 girls) with the most pins at the finale take home the Top Hammer Award.

Custom series kneepads let everyone know that you don't even need those things to deck em.' Let's find out who's got the best arsenal in the most important position!

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 1.12_edited.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 1.14_edited.png

Tristate Runner Ups Get a Custom Flex Hat

You battled hard, now proudly wear proof of it in your day to day life. These hats are lightweight and feature a custom Series Runner Up Patch on the front!

Runner up isn't what you wanted, but this sick hat is way better than a medal!

Finals Girls Shorts_edited.png
Finals Girls Shorts_edited.png
Final Boys Shorts_edited.png
Final Boys Shorts_edited.png

Tristate Bronze Medalists Get Custom Shorts!

That was a tough semifinal loss, but you won your first one on the backside to avoid the dreaded Semi-Slide.

Keep the momentum rolling and bring your A game for the 3rd place match, because the winner walks away with a pair of Series Bronze Medalist Shorts for their efforts! 


Team Trophies at Every Event for the Top 3

It's not a competition until team races are on the line. Each event will see 3 coaches taking home bragging rights and a slick customized wood burnt trophy. Custom made for each event. Which team will collect the most & get bragging rights as the best club in the Tristate?


Age and Weight Classes

Toughguy Weight Classes (2).png
Toughgirl Weight Classes.png
Series Standards

Series Standards: Organized & Professional

unnamed (7).jpg

Minimum 4 Mats Per Event

Expecting up to 400 kids per event, we're requiring all hosts have a minimum of 4 full sized mats to allow the tournament to flow quickly & give the wrestlers plenty of room to show off their skillsets. While 4 is the minimum, some locations will have 5 or 6 mats available.

370240371_7440196602664273_3401986572834057560_n (1).jpg

Backdrop for Pics

Whenever your bracket is complete, you'll receive a text message with your placement and an exact time to report to the podium to grab a shot of your wrestler & their adverseries. This happens shortly after bracket ending, and ensures there isn't a line or a huge crowd.

Mat 1 Proof_edited.png

Table Dressings

Events should look professional and put together well. For every event, we've got table dressings with mat number and series graphics to give the series an added flair of organization. It makes things easier for the parents and gives a nice appeal to the series.


Uniformed Volunteers

As this series is a fundraiser to help grow wrestling in our region, you'll find that most personnel are volunteers.

Nevertheless, they should be easy to identify to help answer questions, or point you in the right direction. Now they are.


Referees Look Alike

As you've noticed in the Tristate areas, there are a lot of events that don't use state-certified officials for youth events. We require at least 2 state certified officials per event, and permit the remainder to be HS State Placers or current college wrestlers. We've got custom referee swag to ensure that all referees look official and aren't showing up in street clothes.


Organized Staff

All of the volunteers are required to go through training in advance of their location's event. Anyone working a score table, weigh-in, awards area, or any other job at the event will be well versed on their roles and responsibilities, potential issue/solutions, and more. The series director will be present for nearly all events to ensure smoothness.

Rapid Brackets Final Logo.png

Most Efficient Software

Rapid Brackets puts hosting and attending on autopilot. You'll know your weigh-in, start, and end time in advance. Brackets take 2-3 hours from arrival to departure, and it's very simple for hosts to stay on track. And, you'll get real time text messages keeping you updated on your wrestler every step of the way.


Communication is Key

Every location's director has standard operating procedures to follow, a detailed gameplan, software training, answers for any question that could arise, standardized awards ordered and delivered to their event. We're over communicators when it comes to getting it right, and we've got a backup plan to our backup plans.

Tournament Software

About Rapid Brackets Wrestling Software

In Northwest Florida, we've been spoiled by the WAR Zone and Rapid Brackets Softwares. If you haven't had the pleasure as a parent, coach, or athlete, check out the short video below for an overview.  Our series director had the distinct honor of being the first event in the country to use Rapid Brackets, and we've been telling everyone who will listen about the magic since that day.

Untitled design - 2023-07-15T231420.632.png

Premier Efficiency

Register for an event, get a text message letting you know when to show up, when your first match will be, and exactly when you'll be leaving. 2-3 hours from arrival to on the road. It's seriously as easy as checking your phone before and during the event. Bracket updates, mat assignments, final placement, and more are texted to you in real time. Coaches and fans can follow their teams to know when kids are up and where. You'll be amazed at the level of efficiency.

Untitled design - 2023-07-15T231035.824.png

Easy for Hosts

This company takes the guesswork out of all of it. No longer are directors left guessing. The system automates everything from staggering weigh-ins and bracket starts automatically to sending matches to mats when they're supposed to happen to letting participants know what they've placed and exactly what time to come take their podium pictures. They've thought of everything to make life easy for directors.

Untitled design - 2023-07-15T231035.824.png

Simple for Volunteers

Volunteers are input into the software with phone numbers. Leading to their event, they receive text messages with easy to understand training videos. Their jobs are made extremely simple. Table workers log in, select their mat, score a match, and hit submit. Weigh-in workers have a schedule of who weighs in and when, and types in a weight, and submits. It's all designed so that it's nearly impossible to mess up.

Untitled design - 2023-07-15T231420.632.png

Extra Exhibition Matches!

This is a new feature and so exciting. At the conclusion of your bracket, you'll get a text asking if you'd like to wrestle exhibitions with a link on how to do so. Put your child's name in the pool, and the software automatically pairs them with another kid of similar age/weight/skill. When a mat has an opening between brackets, you'll both get a text. Unlimited exhibitions for extra mat time for zero extra dollars.

Registraton & Pricing

Registration & Pricing

Each of the 10 qualifiers runs on a Tiered Registration System. We do this to ensure that numbers for each event begin to fill early and incentivize other parents to travel far and wide for the events, knowing their son or daughter will have kids to wrestle. It's in everyone's best interest (and your financial interest) if you take the time to register for your events in advance. Please, and thank you. We don't want to charge a dime over $25 per qualifying event, truly. You can EASILY register for every one of your events below.

Tristate Tiers Graphic.png

Register Below. Click a Flyer to Enlarge.

Flyer - Lincoln HS Aug 26 (1).png
Flyer - NBH HS - Sept 2.png
Flyer Thomasville Central - Sep 16 (2).png
Flyer - Clay HS Sep 23.png
Flyer - Troy Univ - Sep. 30.png
Flyer - Blackshear, october 7 (2).png
Oct 7 - Wewahitchka HS.png
Oct 14 - Liberty HS.png
October 21 - valdosta flyer (1).png
Oct 28 - Blackhive Jax.png

Register for the Finale on November 4th

November 4 - Finale - Tallahassee (4).png

November 4th at FSUS High School

3000 Schoolhouse Road, Tallahassee, FL

Pricing for Championships: $40 Flat, No Late Registration. Closes 24 Hours in Advance. No Exceptions!


Please note that there is a qualifying process to register for this event. All registrants must have participated in at least 2 of the 10 qualifying events.

Registration Closes November 2nd at midnight. There are NO exceptions. On November 3rd, we'll go through every registrant to ensure they've qualified. Those who haven't will be removed from the tournament and refunded their registration fee.

You're welcome to register early if you plan to attend 2 qualifying events.

Series Results

August 26th: Qualifier #1, Lincoln HS, FL

Click Here for Brackets

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png
GHWC Final Version_edited.png
download (15)_edited.png

Team Champions: Grappling House 161 points
Team Runner Ups: Titletown Wrestli
ng 80 points
Team 3rd Place: Spartan Wrestling Club 79.5 points

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png
GHWC Final Version_edited.png
243939692_229584805854251_5004492500427237255_n (1)_edited.png

September 2nd: Qualifier #2, North Bay Haven HS, FL

Click Here for Brackets

Team Champions: Grappling House Wrestling Club, 264 Points
Team Runner Ups: Niceville Wrestling Academy, 187 Points
Team 3rd Place: Gulf Coast Grappling Academy, 163.5 Points

September 16th: Qualifier #3, Thomasville, GA

Click Here for Brackets

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png
GHWC Final Version_edited.png
download (15)_edited.png

Team Champions: Grappling House Wrestling Club 449.5 Points
Team Runner Ups: Titletown Wrestli
ng Academy 220.5 Points
Team 3rd Place: Spartan Wrestling Club 93.5 Points

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png
GHWC Final Version_edited.png
download (10).png
download (23).jpg

September 23rd: Qualifier #4, Clay, FL

Click Here for Brackets

Team Champions: Clay Wrestling 252 Points
Team Runner Ups: Grappling House
 Wrestling Club 144.5 Points
Team 3rd Place: Black Hive Wrestling Club 113 Points

September 30th: Qualifier #5, Troy, AL

Click Here for Brackets

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png

Team Champions: Assassins Wrestling Club 309 Points
Team Runner Ups: Panda Wrestling Alliance 223.5 Points
Team 3rd Place: Well Trained Wrestling 172.5 Points

download (17).jpg
Belt Watch - Toughguy Series (2).png
Toughguy Belt Watch - Event 8.png

Brutal Brawler Belt Watch

Results as of 10/12/23, after Event #8 in Liberty, FL

Toughguy Belt Watch - Event 8.png

Event Photos

The Story of the Tristate Toughguy & Toughgirl

Our Story

Coach Jason with his 4 children; Ivory (18), Osiris (5), Zephyr (3), and Auraleigh (1)

Hear directly from the Series Director Jason Weslager. He discusses the youth wrestling culture in North Florida and how this series will directly impact the continued growth of the region. He also touches on his background in running events, what you can expect from him and the tournament hosts from an organizational and professional standpoint, and 4 goals he has for this series. 

Contact the Series

Contact Us

Series Director

Jason Weslager


Please email questions, comments, or concerns first. I'm pretty responsive. If you need a real time response, text or call the number below.

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