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Experience the Ultimate Homeschool Gym Classes in Tallahassee, Florida!

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Get Ready to Kick, Throw, and Dodge Your Way to Physical Fitness with our Action-Packed Homeschool Gym Classes

Are you a homeschooling parent in Tallahassee, Florida, looking for an exciting and engaging physical education solution for your children? Look no further than Homeschool Fit hosted by Grappling House Wrestling Club. We understand the importance of providing quality PE classes that not only fulfill your child's physical education requirements, but also keep your kids active, healthy, & socializing with peers.

We believe children need safe places to explore the capabilities of their athleticism. With the right support, all children can enjoy learning about the world of sports.

We offer a wide range of sports-based activities in a wide-open indoor soccer facility. These activities will make your child's homeschool physical fitness journey memorable. From football to kickball, dodgeball to soccer, frisbee to sumo wrestling, we've got it all covered! Our professionally trained instructors are passionate about promoting physical fitness while fostering a fun and inclusive environment where students enjoy an hour of learning & live play per class.

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unschool homeschool physical education class tallahassee wakulla monticello


We're conveniently located at 431 Capital Circle Southwest in Tallahassee. Our facility is called Level Up Indoor Sports. It houses indoor soccer leagues, a youth wrestling team, and Homeschool FIT.

unschool homeschool physical education class tallahassee wakulla monticello

Class Schedule

We run our Homeschool FIT phsy-ed program on Mondays from 2-3pm and Thursdays from 10am-11am. Membership does not require attendance at every class.

unschool homeschool physical education class tallahassee wakulla monticello


Our pricing is purposely affordable for homeschool families. Our program is only $49/month per child, and $10/class for those preferring to drop in to random classes.

unschool homeschool physical education class tallahassee wakulla monticello


General ages for these gym classes are ages 6-18, but like most homeschool families, we're flexible. If there are enough kids younger than 6 that want to participate, we'd be happy to add a younger group. 

Meet our Physical Education Coaches, Jason & Lacey Weslager

homeschooll gym class phys ed teacher instructor classes program tallahassee wakulla

Coach Jason Weslager has been teaching youth & high school athletics for 17 years, primarily in the sport of wrestling. He's held coaching positions at 2 high schools for a total period of 10 years.. Growing up, he was a 5-sport athlete participating in wrestling, football, baseball, soccer, and golf. 

He ultimately earned a college scholarship in Wrestling, and became a coach shortly after in 2006. He co-owns Grappling House Wrestling Club in Tallahassee, with his wife Lacey, who homeschools 3 of their 4 children, Osiris (5), Zephyr (4), and Auraleigh (1). Ivory (18), their oldest daughter, is currently enrolled in College in a Teaching Program.


Lacey is a Yoga Therapist who's been teaching and practicing for nearly 10 years. She currently is a yoga professor at the college level, and occasionally holds classes throughout Wakulla County. She's also well known in the community for her Goat Yoga classes at Goat House Farm in Tallahassee. She's worked with athletes of all ages throughout her career and holds many certifications.

Coach Jason is certified by the Amateur Athletic Union, USA Wrestling and Safesport. Additionally, he has his CPR and Concussion certifications.

homeschooll gym class phys ed teacher instructor classes program tallahassee wakulla

Why Choose Homeschool FIT as Your Child's Physical Education Program? 

GHWC Homeschool FIT Class physical education physed gym

Things that set our homeschool gym classes apart from the rest...

homeschool gym class tallahassee fl
homeschool gym class tallahassee fl
unschool homeschool phys ed fitness tallahassee fl wakulla fl
unschool homeschool phys ed fitness tallahassee fl wakulla fl

Exciting Sports Variety: From traditional sports like football and soccer to unconventional favorites like frisbee and wrestling, our diverse range of activities ensures that there's something for everyone. Your child will discover new passions while building strength, coordination, teamwork skills, and confidence. Everyday is a new adventure, and the kids won't get bored.

Affordable for the Whole Family: As homeschool parents, we understand the budget. We've intentionally made our class prices low, giving your children a fun exercise option without breaking the bank. At only $49/month per child, or roughly $6 per class, you'll be hard-pressed to find a quality homeschool gym class priced lower than us.
Tailored for Homeschoolers: We know that homeschooling is a unique journey, which is why our classes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of homeschooling families. We provide a supportive community where like-minded parents and teachers can connect and share ideas. As homeschooling parents ourselves, we understand the need to create a collaborative environment.
Convenient Location on Capital Circle SW in Tallahassee: Our Homeschool Fit clinic is conveniently located in Tallahassee, making it accessible for families across the area. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to a dynamic physical education experience right in your neighborhood!

Join us at Homeschool Fit and embark on an extraordinary homeschool phys ed journey. Unleash your child's potential through physical fitness, allowing them to thrive both academically and physically. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to make learning fun and exciting!

Ready to Try a Free Homeschool FIT Class? Click here to secure their spot today! Let's build a stronger, healthier future together.

Remember, physical education is not just about fulfilling requirements; it's about nurturing your child's holistic development. At Homeschool Fit, we prioritize their growth and well-being. So why wait? Join our community today and let's embark on an exhilarating journey of learning, fitness, and fun!

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