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Series Dates & Locations

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Learn details about the Tallahassee Weekend of Wrestling on April 6/7 ft. the Gator Cup Kickoff & a Spring Series Event. Only 10 mins from one another!

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All events are run on the WAR Zone Software from the folks at A brief 1 minute overview is shown below.

Freestyle & Folkstyle Options - How Does It Work?

In 2024, the series will permit both folkstyle and freestyle matchups. Once your wrestler has weighed in, you'll have a few options:

1) Enter the pairing pool in EITHER style (or Both), and wait for a mat assignment. If you enter both for "first available" matchup, the system automatically removes you from the other pool.

2) Challenge someone in EITHER style from your custom list of the Best 10 Opponents for Your Child (based on age/weight/skill level).

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Registration for All Events is NOW OPEN at or by clicking a logo below.

Tiered Registration System


As always. This is to encourage early registration. If you know which events you'll be attending, it's recommended to register for all of them at once to avoid late fees.

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For this year's series, we've discounted earlybird registration by $5 to reflect needing a USA Wrestling Card. If you don't have a current FULL USAW Card, Click Here to Get It -- You'll Need The Number to Register.

Once you have a USA Wrestling Card, click on a logo below to Register for an Event.

WANT AN ADDITIONAL $10 DISCOUNT? Sign up for the FREE Clinic on March 15th in Niceville! All attendees (from Fl) will be emailed a Coupon Code to be used for Event #2, #3, or #4, courtesy of FAWA.

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At each event, medals will be awarded with the following criteria:

  • 2 Wins at Event -----> Bronze Medal

  • 3 Wins at Event -----> Silver Medal

  • 4+ Wins at Event ---> Gold Medal

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Tristate Toughgirl Medals_edited_edited.
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Awards - Finale (3).png
Awards - Finale (3).png
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Fight Your Way into the Weekly Top 30 Leaderboard. Finish there, and you'll take home a Sweet Award from the Finale!

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This leaderboard is updated after each event. The new version is released on this webpage, on the Panhandle Club Wrestling Association Facebook Page, and via our email list.

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Don't Have a Current 2023-2024 Full USA Wrestling Card?

Click on the Logo to Join Your State's Organization Today!


Scroll down to Learn About the Perks that FAWA is providing those with Full Florida USA Wrestling Athlete Memberships (must cover all 3 styles)

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Thank you to everyone that attended the Clinic on March 15th with Coach Mason. It was an excellent evening of technique, camaraderie, and learning from one of Florida's Best Coaches!

We will be distributing the $10 Discount Codes to all Attendees via Email in the next week. They can be used for Event #3 in Tallahassee, or the Finale in Panama City.

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