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Youth Wrestling is About Life Lessons and Personal Growth.

Wrestling will teach your child important life lessons:

  • Self-Confidence, 

  • Discipline,

  • Respect,

  • Goal-setting

  • Focus

  • Problem Solving

  • Positive Response to Failure

It will challenge them as much mentally as it does physically. Wrestlers often show an improved focus in the classroom as a result of the skills the sport teaches them.

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What is Wrestling?

It's a combat sport in which competitors battle to score more points than their opponent by employing a combination of learned techniques, strength, aggression, and mental prowess. Children learn takedowns, escapes, pinning combinations, throws, and more. Learning positions, body weight distribution, and control are extremely beneficial for self-defense purposes. While competition is not mandatory, we offer many competitive opportunities for skill testing throughout the year. More about competition below.

Our Coaching Staff

Prior to moving to Tallahassee, Head Coach Jason Weslager spent 10 years coaching HS Wrestling in Pennsylvania after a successful competitive career that included multiple state medals, a HS National Championship, and a College Scholarship (D2).​ Since 2018, he and his staff have built one of the strongest youth teams in the Panhandle. Assisting Coach Jason are Coaches Brad Hoard, Vince Cicco, Garrett Marschka, Justyn Brown, and Evan Binder. They have a combined 70+ years of wrestling and coaching experience. They're friendly, knowledgeable, outgoing, and excellent with children, both on and off the mats.

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Schedule and Pricing

We practice out of our Home Location at Titus Sports Academy (1425 Village Square Boulevard #2 in Tallahassee) on the following nights; Monday and Wednesday from 6:45-8:00pm and Sunday from 2:00pm - 3:30pm. ​


As noted throughout this page, every new student gets 3 classes for Free to try it out. After the trial period is over, parents can choose one of three monthly plans; month-to-month with no commitment is $119 per month; 6 months commitment is $99 per month; 1 year commitment is $89 per month. There is also a $20 discount for siblings per month. We're confident that if you try our program, the value your child receives will far outweigh the monthly financial commitment.


Our team competes throughout the calendar year. Our regular season is from November through March each year. Our Spring Season is from March through May, and our Pre-Season goes from June through October. The bulk of our tournament schedule happens in the regular season, with generally two competitions per month. IN the Spring and Offseason, we generally compete in one wrestling tournament per month.

Competition is not mandatory, but it is encouraged. By testing themselves against other competitors of the same age and weight class, children learn valuable skillsets like responding to failure, discipline, focus, goal-setting, and much more.

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We practice out of our Home Location at in the state-of-the-art Titus Sports Academy, located at 1425 Village Square Boulevard #2 in Tallahassee. The facility features over 3,000 square foot of wrestling space. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay and watch practice every night; there isn't seating for the general public, but you're welcome to bring your own camping chairs, or sit along the edge of the mat.

Watch Our Team in Action

This is a highlight from our team at the Panhandle Youth Wrestling Championships held in Mosley, Florida. We finished 1st as a team with nearly 20 place winners on the day, and 8 individual wrestlers earning titles.

Why Are Hundreds of Parents in Tallahassee Choosing Wrestling for Their Children?


Wrestling teaches techniques that give children confidence in self-defense situations. Whether it be on the ground or on their feet, they'll learn how to handle themselves properly. 


The skills we teach and the drills we do are sometimes both physically and mentally demanding. As they progress through our wrestling program, you'll notice a change in how they carry themselves.


Wrestlers are a disciplined breed. It's a valuable skill to possess in life. Through training, managing their health, learning outside of class, and more, they'll develop a strong sense of self-discipline.


Wrestling is unlike most sports. While we have a team, competitive matches are 1 vs. 1. There's nobody to blame for a loss, and only you celebrate a win. As a result, kids learn to be independent and put tasks and challenges upon themselves to improve in wrestling. This carries over to other areas of life including the classroom and at home. 

Responding to Failure

There's not a wrestler who hasn't lost a competitive match. For most, that's not fun. Wrestling provides a unique outlet for positive responses to failure in that children are forced to self-examine to improve. And the answer is always to work harder, and continue striving to be better than you were yesterday. Overcoming adversity is a great skillset.

The Value of Hard Work

We're a unique sport in that there's no one body type that fits the mold. Because we have weight classes for competition, it's inclusive to everyone. Kids quickly learn that their results are directly impacted by the amount of work they put in, not how athletically gifted they are. Wrestling shows kids that improvement is directly correlated with maximum effort.

Image by Patrick Fore

John Cheney, Father 
of 3 Wrestlers

There are undoubtedly many benefits of youth sports, but wrestling in particular gives a unique blend of strength, athleticism, and mental toughness. The kids gain an awareness of their body and how powerful it really is. Pair that with the great coaching of Grappling House's Staff and it's a no-brainer for me. We have been very pleased, and our kids absolutely love it!


Tommy Haynie, Father
of Female Wrestler

It doesn't matter if you have experience or not. Grappling House has been there to teach my child responsibility, respect, courage, and a healthy lifestyle. Also, some really cool wrestling techniques along the way. The coaching staff will spend extra time with kids that need more work on certain skills. My daughter loves being a part of the Grappling House team!


Laura Shea, Mother
of 3 Wrestlers

The coaching staff's relatable instruction for each of our 3 boys, aged 6-15, with very different personalities, has been a reoccurring theme in our experience with Grappling House. We have seen positive changes in the little one's focusing abilities, the middle one has overcome anxiety and built confidence, and our eldest has established his OWN goals and structure for the future. The relationships we've built and positive benefits towards our children's futures will keep us coming every week!

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