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Inspiring Kids,
Shaping Futures

Grappling House Wrestling Club Tallahassee Florida

Our Wrestling Expertise and Developmental Philosophies are Trusted by Hundreds of Tally Parents. Let Wrestling Help Your Child Grow.

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Classes for Boys & Girls Ages 3-18

Kids wrestling class tallahassee leon county florida

Beginners Welcome & Encouraged

Youth wrestling tallahassee florida leon county

Stay for Practice or Drop and Go

New Facility With Earlier Start Times

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What is Youth Wrestling?

The Sport That's Been Wildly Growing in Popularity Throughout Tallahassee.. Much Different than WWE.

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Wrestling is a captivating combat sport that challenges competitors to outscore their opponents through a dynamic blend of acquired techniques, physical strength, controlled aggression, and mental acumen. Within this sport, children master various skills, including takedowns, escapes, pinning combinations, throws, and much more. These skills extend to understanding positions, body weight distribution, and maintaining control, which hold immense value for self-defense applications. Although participation in competitive matches isn't obligatory, we provide numerous opportunities for skill assessment and growth throughout the year. 

The Top 3 Reasons Kids
Should Try Wrestling

It's Much More than a Combat Sport; Wrestlers Tend to Mentally Develop Quicker than Other Children

Youth wrestling team tallahassee, FL, leon county

#3 Wrestling
Builds Resilience

Wrestling instills a level of resilience in young athletes that few other sports can match. It's a sport where success often comes from facing adversity head-on. In wrestling, kids learn to overcome setbacks, both on and off the mat. And, how to positively respond to that failure to improve. They develop mental toughness, discipline, and an unwavering determination that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

middle school wrestling team tallahassee, youth, high school, grappling, jiu jitsu

#2 Strong Sense of Discipline

One of the standout qualities of wrestling is the incredible discipline it imparts. From weight management to rigorous training schedules, wrestlers learn the importance of commitment and self-control. This discipline transcends the sport and helps children excel academically and develop strong work ethics. Wrestling teaches them to set and achieve goals with unwavering dedication.

wrestling team, youth, children, kids, grappling, jiu jitsu

#1 Growth & Accountability

Wrestling is a sport that places a significant emphasis on individual performance. This unique aspect of wrestling allows children to take full responsibility for their successes and failures. They learn to be accountable for their actions, and this sense of ownership carries over into academics, relationships, and future career endeavors. Wrestling encourages personal growth and self-reliance like no other sport.

What Sets Grappling House Apart?

We're Passionate About Helping Kids Become the Best Possible Versions of Themselves. Plus...

Watch Our Team in Action

This video is from the 2022 Panhandle Championships, where Grappling House Finished 1st Place of Nearly 30 Teams with Entries.

Meet the Grappling House Staff

The True Strength of a Wrestling Team Lies in the Collective Passion & Expertise of it's Leaders

Expert Wrestling Coach Jason Weslager Tallahassee Youth Wrestling Florida Leon County

Head Coach Jason Weslager

Expert wrestling coach Brad Hoard Tallahassee FL

Assistant Coach, Brad Hoard


Assistant Coach
Christian Oster

Expert youth wrestling coach kevin milligan tallahassee fl

Toddler Coach, Kevin Milligan

Expert youth wrestling coach Vince Cicco tallahassee fl

Assistant Coach,
Vince Cicco

Since Opening in 2018, Our Coaching Experts Have Helped Develop:

Untitled design - 2023-10-19T140824.698.png

11 State Champions

Untitled design - 2023-10-19T140824.698.png

54 Youth State Placewinners

Untitled design - 2023-10-19T140824.698.png

10 HS State Placewinners

Untitled design - 2023-10-19T140824.698.png

10 All-Big Bend First Teamers, 2 All-Big Bend Wrestlers of the Year

Untitled design - 2023-10-19T140824.698.png

An 11th Place Youth Team Finish in the State of Florida (of 53 teams)

Untitled design - 2023-10-19T140824.698.png

A 2nd Place Youth Team Finish in the State of Georgia (of 61 teams)

Hear From Satisfied Wrestling Parents

Thomas C. in Tallahassee, Father of 2 Male & 2 Female Students

Untitled design - 2023-10-13T112123.903.png
Untitled design - 2023-10-13T112123.903.png
Untitled design - 2023-10-13T112123.903.png
Untitled design - 2023-10-13T112123.903.png
Untitled design - 2023-10-13T112123.903.png
"This is a great group of knowledgeable coaches who encourage and BUILD our kids up. Every single kid is improving and getting better. All the families support each other and everyone wants to see EVERY kid succeed. If you are looking to get your kid involved in the sport of Wrestling, or help your kid get better wherever he is already, then this is the place. Time well spent."
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