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The First Annual PCWA WARZone Spring/Summer Series

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This series will be unlike anything the Panhandle has seen in previous years!

Wrestlers compete over a series of 4 WarZone Tournaments in 4 months spread across the Panhandle. The dates are all listed on the flyer on this page.


Don't know what a WARZone formatted tournament looks like? Visit for full software demonstrations and FAQ's.


Each tournament has it's own individual registration. Registration for all legs is now open - direct links in the buttons below.

Wrestlers will earn individual medals at each event for number of wins earned, like a typical WARZone event. 2 wins at an individual leg/tournament earns a Bronze, 3 wins earns a Silver, and 4+ wins earns a Gold.

The twist......

We're going to accumulate wins over the entire 4 tournament series to crown a Series Grand Champion, who will earn a $100 Wrestling Stipend to be spent on wrestling related expenses for the future!

There will be some pretty awesome prizes for the wrestlers who finish 2nd - 30th overall in number of wins across the entire series.

2nd - 4th - 32" Super Trophy

5th - 7th - Gold Cup Trophy

8th - 14th - Acrylic Trophy

15th - 20th - Resin Sculpture Trophy

21st - 25th - $10 GameStop Gift Card

26th - 30th - $10 Best Buy Gift Card

View the Leaderboard after Leg #1 at the Bottom of this Page.

*There cannot be ties for spots. We will use tiebreakers to determine correct placements. If two wrestlers are tied, the +- win differential will break the tie. For example, if two wrestlers both had 20 wins for the series. Wrestler A is 20-5, and wrestler B is 20-10, wrestler A will be higher on the leaderboard due to the +15 differential, vs. a +10 differential. In the event of a Tie to Criteria A, the wrestler with the higher W.A.R Rating in the WarZone Software will get the higher spot.

You can now register for Leg #2, 3, and 4 by clicking below. 

The more legs you attend, the more wins you can accumulate, and the better chance you'll have to walk away with one of the 30 Grand Prizes to be awarded at the Finale at Tallahassee.

We hope you'll join us for this brand new, unique event and help us improve the wrestling culture in the Panhandle and North Florida. The Panhandle Club Wrestling Association is working hard to ensure that all wrestlers in our area have local competition opportunities. We've traveled hundreds of miles for competition opportunities for far too long... it's time we have a dedicated series for the Panhandle, by the Panhandle, IN the Panhandle.

Leaderboard After Leg #3 in Milton

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Leaderboard after Panda 6-10.png
Leaderboard after Panda 11-15.png
Leaderboard after Panda 16-20.png
Leaderboard after Panda 21-25.png
Leaderboard after Panda 26-30.png
Leaderboard after Panda 31-25.png
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