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Classes Every Sunday from 1 - 1:45pm

Your First Class is FREE, Then Only $49 Per Month

Kids have a ton of fun while learning important athletic skills in a safe environment. Watch below to get an idea of how our classes operate, or scroll down to read more about our classes and sign up for a 1 class Free Trial!

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Unlike a typical wrestling program, this is completely non-combat. There's very little physical contact (and nothing aggressive). We're simply providing kids a place to come learn balance, coordination, confidence, body awareness, and athleticism in a safe, fun environment. Think tumbling class with a slight wrestling focus.

We do things like bear crawls, forward rolls, cartwheels, army crawls, relay races, wrestling specific games, dodgeball, leap frogs, climbing, and many more fun activities. 

We offer a Free Class to All New Students...

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Goals of Our Program Include:

  • Having Fun

  • Socializing with Peers

  • Kickstarting Athleticism

  • Learning Wrestling Positional Basics

  • Increased Balance and Body Awareness

  • Getting Rid of Excess Energy for a Good Night Sleep (those are my children in the flyer.. I know your pain)

Why is Wrestling the Right Sport for Your Child?

Wrestling Teaches valuable life lessons. As your child transitions from our 3-5 class into our K-12 class, they'll begin learning wrestling techniques and competing (optional). Wrestling competition teaches kids lessons such as:

  • Discipline

  • Hard Work

  • Goal Setting

  • Problem Solving

  • Self Starting

  • Self Defense

  • Much More

This class will give them the basic tools to be successful at Wrestling (or any sport) from day one. If you'd like to try a risk free class, click here to jump to the form.

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